About GM2000

Founded in 1993, G&M 2000 is a Romanian-French company with premises in Bucharest, whose activity is dedicated to the development, production and distribution of products aimed at protecting the population against pathogenic agents, insects and rodents.


The company’s activity puts quality as a priority during the conception and the manufacturing process of our products. To be sure that the best quality is always produced we implemented the quality standards ISO-9001:2008, ISO -14001:2000 and OHSAS- 18001: 2007.

Our products are tested according to the most recent and exigent European standards by French, Czech or Romanian laboratories.

To design new products and ensure a constant quality, G&M 2000 has its own research and quality laboratory which helps us to satisfy our client’s demands.

Thanks to the attention given to our clients, over 3000 professionals from the health and pest control sectors are using our products in the most exigent environments.

Client care

The human dimension of our company gives us the possibility to be constantly in contact with our clients, which allows us to help them to choose the best product for their needs or to explain how to best use them.

To respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s demands, we are open to all the suggestions that could help to improve the quality of our services and products.

Besides, many of G&M 2000 products have been developed by our laboratory in partnership with our clients in order to satisfy their specify applications and requests.

For the customers who are unable to apply themselves some of our products, our team of certified experts can offer the best disinfection, disinsection and deratisation services.

Low price

One of the strongest points of G&M 2000 is that we manufacture in Romania the products we offer to our clients.

For that reason, we can offer lower prices, and respecting at the same time the European quality standards.

Our company manufacturing activity is taking place in the best of conditions regarding health and safety, in two locations over 2500 mp, in Ilfov and Bucharest.

Our range of products is aimed at users from several fields: Public Health (hospitals, medical centers etc.) Collectivities (schools, army, hostelry industry etc.), Food industry and services.


Products for the disinfection or sterilization of floors surfaces, surgical instruments, air or the skin are our main field of activity.

The large range of disinfectant products give us the possibility to completely cover hospitals, medical centers and communities needs.

Insecticides and rodenticides

We offer to professionals insecticides and rodenticides formulated with the latest generation of active ingredients. Those raw materials are approved by the European Union for their high efficiency, persistence and very low toxicity for human beings.

Cleaning and personal care products

We offer products specially made for professional customers, wether we talk about sensitive skin soaps or cleaners with very specific applications.