Proclar Antistatic

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Solution for cleaning and polishing wood with antistatic effect

Surface solution 500ML for cleaning and maintaining furniture ANTISTATIC is intended for the care and cleaning of wooden furniture or other substitutes, both matte and glossy.

Packaging: 500ml bottle

Wood cleaning with antistatic effect

It is suitable for all types of wood, outdoors. The surfaces can be: garden furniture, terraces, etc.

  • cleanse
  • protects
  • gives shine

Fast cleaning and protection of wooden surfaces with antistatic effect

Tips for use: the product is intended for cleaning and polishing any type of wood or prefabricated furniture. The mixture of surfactants with a static effect prevents the deposition of dust and lint, thus facilitating the periodic cleaning of surfaces.

Apply by spraying from a distance of 10-15 cm and wipe with a cloth or a soft, dry cloth. For heavily soiled surfaces, it is recommended to clean them beforehand with detergent and water. Check the washability of the surface first.