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Detergent against limescale deposits

Removes limescale build-ups from tile, stoneware, stainless steel surfaces, etc. Apply the product to the dirty surface, wait a few minutes, then rinse.

Packing: 1L bottle, 5L reserve can

Benefits of Antitart our anti-limescale detergent

Antitart is a product for limestone removal and prevents build-up.

A cleaning agent for all types of bathroom fixtures (showers, sinks, urinals, bidets, tubs, faucets, mirrors, etc.)

  • recommended for administrative buildings, hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, public and educational centers, sports centers, gas stations, etc.
  • the product cleans the surface and protects it from limescale
  • it respects the requirements of public procurement and of the professionals in the cleaning industry

Removes limescale build-ups from all surfaces

Purified water, inorganic acid between 5-15%, anionic surfactant < 5%, sodium chloride, perfume

How to use:
Apply the product to the dirty surface, wait a few minutes and then rinse, leaving the surface clean, sanitized and shiny.