Enzioclean is a predisinfectant enzymatic detergent indicated for the removal of organic residues by washing and disinfection from surgical, dental and diagnostic tools.

Enzymatic detergent

  • Pre-disinfection and quick cleaning
  • The specially formulated enzyme complex removes organic residues, which improves the final disinfection results.
  • The work solution respects the instruments and medical equipment.

Packing: 1L bottle, 5L reserve can

Enzymatic predisinfectant for instrumental and medical devices

10% (100mL/1L water) for predisinfection and cleaning organic waste.

Bactericide, Fungicide, and yeasticide

Quick and efficient removal of organic residues

Enzioclean is an enzymatic detergent indicated for the removal of organic residues for all surgical tools (scalpels, drills, curettes, forceps, scissors, etc.), as well as medical examination tools.

The enzyme complex in the composition helps to remove organic residues and prevents corrosion and discoloration of the tools.

Enzymatic predisinfectant for medical tools

Alcohol 8%, enzyme 1%, nonionic surfactants 5-15%, ampholer surfactant 5-15%, water

How to use:
We recommend a working solution obtained from 50ml of product to 5L of water. The concentration of the working solution can be increased depending on the degree of dirtiness of the instruments.