Getox CT+

The GETOX CT+ product is a shock concentrate effective in combating cockroaches, wasps and ants, flies, fleas, bed bugs, moths, etc.

Emulsifiable insecticide concentrate

  • Shock insecticide
  • Concentrated
  • Recommended for a medium level infestation

Packing: 1L bottle, 5L reserve can

Concentrated shock insecticide

The GETOX CT+ product is a particularly effective shock concentrate in combating kitchen cockroaches, wasps, and ants, flies, fleas, bedbugs, moths, etc.

Approved by the Ministry of Health No. 2572BIO/18/07.2024

Concentrated product with light odor ideal for indoor treatments

Cypermethrin 2%, Tetramethrin 2%, Piperonyl butoxide 10.6%, coformulants, demineralized water.

Biocidal activity:
The product has been tested and proven effective by the National Institute of Public Health:
1L of GETOX CT+ diluted in 20 L of water (5%), application rate 50mL working solution/m2, shows a total effectiveness (100%) at 15 min for flying insects (Musca domestica), at 120 min for crawling insects ( Blatta orientalis).

How to use:
The respective space is sanitized before any operation. The working solution is used immediately after it is prepared.

Wearing protective equipment during the dilution and operation is mandatory.

Dilute the product in plain water, observe the dosage and application rate:

500 mL of the product is added to 10 L of water (5%), and the working solution is used to treat 200 square meters of surfaces by spraying or nebulizing.

For the calculation of the necessary work solution, not only the surface of the floors, but also the walls, furniture, etc. will be taken into account.