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CLOROM tablets are chlorine disinfectants for contaminated surfaces and objects: floors, medical equipment, sponges, lingerie, tableware, laboratory utensils, toilets, fountains, swimming pools, etc.  The product is also approved TP4 for use in the food industry and TP2 for use in healthcare.

Effervescent chlorine tablets

  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mycobacteria, and spores
  • The tablet offers a safe and easy dosage
  • Disinfects, cleans, whitens, and removes unpleasant odors

Packaging: Box of 50 tablets,  Box of 200 tablets

General disinfectant for surfaces

Disinfectant for instruments and medical devices

1 tablet per 3-10L of water depending on the spectrum of activity sought

Bactericide, Fungicide, Mycobactericide, Tuberculicide, Virucide and Sporicide

Effervescent chlorine tablets

CLOROM tablets are used for:

  • Disinfection of surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture that are used in direct contact with food products or animal feed.
  • Disinfection of surfaces and objects (including plates) in sanitary units.
  • Disinfection of well water for purposes other than drinking, as well as swimming pool water.
  • Disinfection for private and public spaces (contaminated surfaces and objects, floors, dishwashers and washing machines, cutlery, crockery, linen and bathrooms.)
  • Disinfection of surfaces in barbershops, cosmetics and hairdressing salons, schools, public health institutions, medical facilities and analysis laboratories.

General disinfectant for surfaces, instruments and medical devices

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate 77.14%, effervescence factors. One tablet releases 1.5 grams of active chlorine.

Biocidal activity:
Put one Clorom tablet in five liters of water, the working solution obtained shows bactericidal activity according to SREN 1040 and SREN 1276, fungicidal activity according to SREN 1275 and SREN 1650, mycobactericidal and tuberculicidal activity according to SREN 14348 in clean and dirty conditions. One tablet per 3 liters of water has virucidal activity according to SREN 14476- polio and adenovirus and a sporicidal activity according to SREN 13704, bacillus subtilis and bacillus cereus.

How to use:
Dissolve one tablet in 3, 5 or 10 liters of water and apply on the surfaces to be treated

Biocidal activity: Standards
EN 1040, EN 1276, EN13727, EN13697
EN 1275, EN1650, EN 13624, EN13697
EN 14476
EN 14348
EN 13704, EN 14347