Iodinet T

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The antiseptic product IODINET T is used as such on the skin for hygienic and surgical disinfection by wiping or dressings.

Iodine disinfectant for skin

  • Quickly disinfects the skin
  • It does not require water or rinsing
  • Destroys pathogenic germs in a proportion of 99.99%

Packaging: 500mL bottle, 1 bottle, 5L reserve bottle

Hygienic and surgical skin disinfection

Ready to use

Bactericide, Fungicide, Mycobactericide, Tuberculicide and Virucide.

Iodine disinfectant for skin

PVP Iodine 10%, emulsifier, pH regulators, glycerin, stabilizer, purified water.

How to use:
For a hygienic disinfection, apply the product (approx. 2ml) on the skin directly or with the help of a cotton pad. Leave for at least 1 minute. For surgical level disinfection, 2x application is recommended
5mL, action time 2×1.5 minutes. No rinsing is necessary. The coloring due to iodine is temporary and disappears by washing with soap and water.