Hexy Gel

Disinfectant antiseptic gel for surgical and hygienic skin intended for use in sanitary facilities.

Clear, colorless liquid

  • Quickly disinfects the skin
  • It does not require water or rinsing
  • Destroys pathogenic germs in a proportion of 99.99%

Packaging: 500mL bottle, 1 bottle, 5L reserve bottle

Hygienic and surgical skin disinfection

Ready to use

Bactericide, Fungicide, Mycobactericide, Tuberculicide and Virucide.

Disinfectant antiseptic gel for surgical and hygienic skin

Alcohols 70% v/v, emollients, etc.

How to use:
Recommended for quick disinfection of the skin before injections, transfusions, minor surgical operations, for hygienic (3ml-30 SEC) and surgical (6ml – 90 seconds) hand disinfection, repeat the operation if necessary.

Surgical disinfection according to EN 12791, 2 x 3ml undiluted for 90 seconds.

Approved by the Health Ministry No Nr.2520BIO/01/12.24

Biocidal activity: Standards
EN 1500, 3ml nediluat timp de 30 secunde si EN 13727 + A2 nediluat timp de 30 de secunde.
EN 13624 nediluat timp de 30 si 60 de secunde.
EN 14348 nediliuat timp de 30 secunde si 1 min.
EN 14476 Vaccina virus nediluat timp de 1 min.