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Cleans and polishes chrome and stainless steel surfaces

Removes limescale deposits, grease and dirt. Removes traces left by drops of water and soap and polishes.

Packaging: 500ml spray bottle, 1L bottle, 5L can

Shiny chrome and stainless steel surfaces

Its powerful degreasing action makes it the perfect choice for any stainless steel, including cars, trucks, boats, kitchens and grills. Water-based and without traces, it quickly and easily reduces the accumulation of fat and will not discolor stainless steel! Just spray, rinse and wipe.

Quick cleaning, sanitizing and polishing

Anionic surfactant < 5%, nonionic surfactant < 5%, organic acid, water

How to use:
Apply the product by spraying on the surfaces to be cleaned, then rinse and wipe with a soft absorbent cloth.